Backhoe driver digs up 100,000 baht in cash

Photo via INN News

A construction worker came across around 100,000 baht in cash that had been buried underground while he was using a backhoe to level out land in the southern province Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Nataya Wakwatee said her father, who used to live on the property, told her sometime before he died that something was hidden under his bed.

She assumed that he was talking about lottery numbers. She says her father would write down numbers on the bed.

5 years went by before the money was discovered.

The money had been placed in a plastic box then covered with bricks and buried around 20 centimetres deep.

The box ended up breaking apart. Water got into some of the bags of cash, but most of the money was in good condition.

Altogether, there was about 50,000 baht worth of 500 baht bills, 12,000 baht worth of 100 baht bills and 10,000 baht worth of 20 baht bills.

The landowner, who owns the Thampranna Market had hired the backhoe driver to level out the land for a noodle shop Nataya would run.

Source: The Thaiger