Ban Khun Phor draws complaints about noise and traffic congestion


Local residents and business owners have filed complaints with the municipality over the noise and traffic congestion from the Ban Khun Phor outdoor eating and entertainment venue.

The venue, which is located on Soi 88, is popular with both locals and expats alike and regularly features live music performances.

However, the complainants say the live music is too loud and that motorcycle parking causes congestion and obstructs traffic in the surrounding area.

But now, municipal officials, including Mr. Nopporn Wuthikul, Mayor of Hua Hin, Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee, Municipality Permanent Secretary, Mr. Amorn Pattong, Deputy Chairman of the Council, and Pol.Lt.Col. Chakrapat Janthiang, Deputy Superintendent of Hua Hin Police Station have met with the owner Ban Khun Phor and the complainants in a bid to resolve the issues.

Following the meeting an ‘MOU’ was signed, with all parties agreeing to the following:

  1. The volume on the sound system during live music events will be reduced to lessen the noise
  2. Music must not be played after 10:30pm. Organisers will have to seek special permission and notify the public if they wish to hold large events or concerts
  3. ‘White and red’ parking zones for motorcycles will be established to ease congestion