Ban on sale of alcohol in Thailand this Sunday (Oct 29)


The sale of alcohol will be banned in Thailand this coming Sunday (Oct 29), as the country marks the end of Buddhist Lent.

The ban begins at 00:01 on Sunday, Oct 29, lasting until 23:59 the same day.

During this period, the sale of alcoholic beverages is strictly off-limits at restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, convenience stores, and supermarkets across the country. The only exception is at duty-free shops located within airports.

Those found in violation of the ban face stiff penalties. Under Section 39 of the Alcohol Control Act, offenders may be subject to a fine up to 10,000 baht, a maximum of six months in jail, or both.

Such alcohol prohibitions are not unusual during times of religious significance.

Thailand observes five specific religious holidays during which the sale of alcohol is barred. These include Makha Bucha in February, Visakha Bucha in May, Asarnha Bucha Day in July, and both the commencement and conclusion of Buddhist Lent.

Residents and visitors are urged to be aware of the restrictions and to plan accordingly.