Ban on sales of alcohol this upcoming weekend during nationwide local election

Image: ThaiVisa

This coming Sunday, 20 December, Thailand will see the first local election to be held since the 2014 military coup that took over the government.

Thai Law prohibits the sale of alcohol during Election Day, regardless if the person is eligible to vote or not (foreigners take note). The ban usually or likely to start between 6:00 pm of 19 Dec until 11:59pm of Dec 20.

This election is for members of the Provincial Administration Organisations (PAO), nationwide. Up ‘til today, signboards be seen everywhere and pick-up trucks with loud speakers strolling around the district, promoting the candidates.

Nonetheless, this means for most of our foreign readers, who cannot vote, is that an alcohol sale ban is almost certain, although official announcement have not yet been made, or will be made the election date draws nearer.

This alcohol sales ban will basically see supermarkets, convenient stores, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues close on the evening before the election and through the day of the election.