Beach Calming Cha-Am

Beach Calming Cha-Am
Beach Calming Cha-Am

‘The Cha-Am municipality and other authorities have been conducting meetings and reviewing beach services such as beach vendors, curb-side restaurants and providers of beach rental services.

This review is expected to result in stricter regulation and less congestion. It could be called a ‘beach calming’ approach. The changes are expected to be subtle and unnoticed by the casual observer, but intended to ensure that the ChaAm seaside experience doesn’t lose any appeal, especially to families.

Steps have been taken to reduce the density of rented tables and chairs (only four tables between parked vehicles and the beach) and to insist that public parking on the beach is not controlled or influenced by businesses based at the beach. A gap of at least 3 metres between

the different beach rental operators will be enforced to allow easier public access to the beach. Curb-side restaurants across the road from the beach must be set back at least 0.8 of a metre from the road to allow pedestrian traffic. Unlicensed operators are under scrutiny and this may result in some loss of tenure with additional licences unlikely to be available.

There is a view that the desirable level of beach services has already been exceeded. It is understood that there are currently some 70 curb-side restaurants, 4,000 beach vendors, around 200 mobile food services and over 200 small business operations renting table, chairs and umbrellas of various shapes and sizes. Additionally around 45 jet skis and almost 100 marine scooters (with or without banana boats) are available for hire. The practice of clearing the beach from 5 PM each Tuesday (apart from public holidays) until Thursday morning to allow for the beach to be cleaned will be continued.