Brazen robbery at Hua Hin gold shop: Thief dressed as FoodPanda rider flees with necklaces worth 300,000 THB


A thief dressed as a FoodPanda delivery rider struck a well-known gold shop in Hua Hin on Tuesday, brazenly escaping with a haul of gold necklaces worth nearly 300,000 baht.

The incident occurred at approximately 1:30 PM when Deputy Superintendent of Police at Hua Hin Police Station, Ms. Pichaya Rongleua, received a report of a robbery at the Yaowarat Gold Shop on Chomsin Road.

Ms. Araya Kamnerd Saeng, the 58-year-old proprietor of the gold shop, said she was shaken by the incident.

She told officers how she was attending to customers when the suspect, described as a tall, slim man approximately 170 cm in height, entered the shop.

Ms. Araya said the man was dressed as a Food Panda delivery rider and was wearing a full-face helmet. He arrived on a black and orange Honda Click motorcycle, which did not have a license plate.

Claiming to be interested in a specific gold necklace weighing 2 baht, the thief requested to examine the piece. Ms. Araya obliged and handed him the necklace. He then asked to see two more gold necklaces which he grabbed off the counter as he swiftly made his exit.

Ms. Araya said the gold necklaces were worth a total of 300,000 baht.

Police Major Ngongprom Wisit Chana Chai revealed that preliminary investigations suggested the culprit had scoped out the gold shop a day earlier, examining the necklaces but choosing not to act at that time, returning a day later to execute the robbery.

Law enforcement is now working diligently to trace his movements and have engaged with Food Panda to review employment records for potential leads. Surveillance camera footage along the escape route is also being scrutinized in hopes of identifying the suspect.