Burmese ethnics protest at Chiang Mai consulate

The protesters waving signs supporting the fallen government. (Photo: Pattaya Mail)

More than 200 Burmese citizens, mostly from Kachin province protested the military coup in their homeland at the Myanmar Consulate in Chiang Mai on Saturday. The immigrants presented the following demands to the Myanmar consular officials:

  • the army must return power to the people,
  • withdraw all forces from Kachin State and other ethnic-minority areas,
  • void the military-drafted constitution and allow for a new one to be written,
  • and that a new government negotiate with ethnic groups to ensure rights and liberties.

The police watched over the protesters waving signs supporting the fallen government, stomped on photos of coup leader Gen. Min Ong Lai, and shouted “Free Burma”.

Authorities allowed the demonstration to take place, despite the emergency decree provisions against mass gatherings, but insisted all the protestors must wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

Source: Pattaya Mail