Buying a pool villa in Hua Hin for expats: An In-depth guide


The rise of pool villas has remained so in Thailand for many years, especially when talking about Hua Hin.

To understand the popular trends of pool villas as well as a guide for expats who wish to purchase pool villas in Hua Hin, our Lazudi Property Expert Andy Dyett will be sharing an in-depth guide on how to buy a pool villa in Hua Hin for expats. So, let’s delve in.

The trend of property buying for expats in Hua Hin has remained pool villas for many years now.

Expats are seeing this as a 6-12 months a year destination. They prefer the space of the villa with a surrounding garden over a condominium.

Andy Dyett also added that he has also noticed a shift in the condominium market which could be due to Hua Hin becoming more accessible for short-term visitors. With that said, it is clear to see that pool villas are still slightly more popular with expat buyers compared to Thai.

However, since the post-pandemic era, the Thais have begun to visit Hua Hin and acknowledge the beauty of Hua Hin along with the improvement of large infrastructure, so Thais are now sharing much more interest in pool villas than ever before. 

When asked our property expert what an expat could do if they would like to legally own a pool villa in Hua Hin, he said that “Owning is simple here as Thailand has provisional laws on land/house ownership.

A house/villa can be owned 100% in a Foreign name, if not married to a Thai the legal form of ownership is the 3×30-year leasing arrangement with the added clauses of rights or renewal, succession, freehold if an option during this period and then right for heirs and succession throughout it are terms.

This way you have every option to sell or renew. Another important addition to this area is that on the back of the title deed (land paper) you as a foreigner can show you are leasing with your names added to this very important document.

For foreigners that are married to a Thai then the land can be jointly owned during your lifetime, however, a foreigner married to a Thai cannot lease from her.”

According to Andy Dyett, when asked to advise the type of process: freehold or leasehold that is best for expats should they wish to buy a pool villa in Hua Hin; he answered that leasehold is the most transparent and safest legal form of ownership for foreign buyers.

Next, we asked Mr. Dyett to recommend 5 key locations where expats are seeking to purchase pool villas in Hua Hin. He said that the South area is popular due to the beaches and mountainous areas.

There are also cycling and exercise tracks. Older houses towards Khao Tao such as Sivana, Stuart Park, or Panorama are also popular. Banyan Residence or Emerald Valley which is a little closer to town is also known to be a top hit. Mali Lotus which has now launched a 12th project, Mali Boutique is also popular as well.

Other than this, the roads out towards Black Mountain are proving to be increasingly popular. Other than that, improving roads and infrastructure and international schools have attracted buyers with projects such as Baan Phu Thara and Cloud 2. 

We also ask our expert if there are any ‘Don’t’ of buying a pool villa in Hua Hin. He added that one shouldn’t buy without a reputable agent or good legal support.

You will need an expert in due diligence as well as someone who regularly visits the land office as laws are changed, so using someone knowledgeable in this field is essential.

Also, you should always do the research as there are great deals out there but always remain cautious and make sure all the documents are correct before you commit. 

Lastly, we ask our expert if there are any key takeaway points he would like to give to those who wish to buy a pool villa in Hua Hin, Mr. Dyett said that to just enjoy the experience.

Don’t overspend to try to seek a property that is suitable for your needs but leave the freedom to travel and enjoy the beauty of this country.

The home here is a base, somewhere for you and your family to enjoy that doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. So make sure you are buying a place that you are not only comfortable with but also enjoy without stress.  

We hope that this article has been helpful to you in one way or another. If you would like to explore the property in Hua Hin, please feel free to contact us today at Lazudi. We will be more than happy to assist. 

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