Caravan of over 50 supercars set to gather at Bluport Hua Hin on June 15


A caravan of over 50 supercars will be on display at The Square, Bluport Hua Hin, on June 15, providing an exciting opportunity for car enthusiasts to experience some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles up close.

Hosted by Bluport Hua Hin in collaboration with The Collections Hua Hin, InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, the Proud Group, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, and the Street King Group, the event will begin at 3:30 PM. The showcase will feature high-end brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

The Super Car Show aims to not only impress attendees but also to promote Hua Hin as a premier destination for automotive events. Organizers believe this event will highlight Hua Hin’s capability to host such gatherings, boosting local tourism and the economy.

This event also reflects Bluport Hua Hin’s role in pushing Hua Hin to become an Automotive Destination, a central hub for tourism and automotive interests, attracting tourists and car enthusiasts. This is part of Bluport’s strategy to highlight the area’s potential as a destination that caters to specific interests.

“This event not only brings together luxurious supercars but also plays a crucial role in rebranding Hua Hin as an Automotive Destination, attracting automotive enthusiasts to our city,” said Khun Waji Klomkliang, Executive Director of Hua Hin Asset Company Limited.

The supercar caravan will fuel up with Bangchak Hi Premium 97, a high-octane gasoline designed for high-performance vehicles. Participants will check in at The Chlorophyll @ Hua Hin, Bangchak’s flagship gas station and lifestyle mall, which offers the largest EV Pavilion in the South, fast charging services, and various amenities including Inthanin coffee shop and Michelin Guide restaurants.

The event is seen as an important step in establishing Hua Hin as a central hub for tourism and automotive interests, drawing in enthusiasts and encouraging economic activity in the region.

For more details, contact 032-905111, visit Facebook at BluportHuaHinOfficial, or add Line official @bluport.

Prepare your cameras for a stunning display of supercars and join the excitement at The Square, Bluport Hua Hin, on June 15.