Cha-am has a new landmark which is being touted as the largest of its kind in Thailand


Tourists have been flocking to a new (ish) cultural landmark in Cha-am, which officials proudly tout as the largest of its kind in all of Thailand.

On July 30, 2023, reporters witnessed a vibrant atmosphere at Cha-am Beach with both Thai and foreign tourists coming to relax, play in the sea, and cool off, making the area a top destination during the long holiday period.

Families, along with their children and grandchildren, have turned Cha-Am Beach into a bustling spot for seafront recreation and relaxation.

Many tourists visiting Cha-am took a first look at Wat Tham Kaeng in the Khao Yai Subdistrict of Cha-Am.

Here, tourists have been flocking to pay their respects and seek blessings from “Grandfather Phaya Petch Kiri,” also known as Maha Muni Sri Suthon Nakhon Ratcha.

The statue of Naga stands an impressive 31 meters tall, stretches over 227 meters in length, and has a diameter of 2 meters.

The statue’s body is uniquely crafted as a Yantra talisman, considered the primordial Yantra of all Yantras and regarded as the highest and most sacred.

It is believed that deities protect those who seek blessings at the statue, ensuring safety, success in work, business, and good fortune in wealth.

For believers, the landmark stands as a symbol of prosperity for individuals and their families, making it a must-visit point for those exploring Phetchaburi Province.

With the allure of its size and sacred significance, “Grandfather Phaya Petch Kiri” has become a new check-in point for tourists seeking cultural enrichment and blessings.

The statue took some two years to build and was finally completed in April of this year.

Despite the large number of tourist vehicles on Phetkasem Road leading to Cha-am and Hua Hin, during the six day holidays, officials said the traffic has been flowing smoothly.