Charming old photos take you back to Khao Takiab beach in the 1960s

Image: Jiaodae

A series of old photos offer a brief glimpse of what is now one of Hua Hin’s most pleasant local beaches.

Khao Takiab beach is a popular choice among tourists and expats alike.

Famed for its long, flat sandy beach, shallow waters and the mountain which shares its name and which overlooks the beach.

The beach stretches for several kilometres to neighbouring Suan Son, which can get busy particularly at weekends.

2017 saw construction completed of a new pier at Khao Takiab beach which was used to operate a ferry service to Pattaya. Sadly, the ferry service is no longer available.

But while Khao Takiab and Suan Son are popular with beachgoers today, that hasn’t always been the case.

People on Khao Takiab beach in 2020. File photo

The photos, which are understood to date back to the 1960s, show a near deserted and undeveloped beach, only identifiable by Khao Takiab mountain.

The photos offer snapshots of Khao Takiab from a variety of different viewpoints including looking south towards Suan Son, and also from the north-side of Khao Takiab mountain towards Hua Hin beach – which also looks very different from today.

Khao Takiab looking south towards Suan Son beach

Khao Takiab beach and mountain


Wat Khao Takiab


Hua Hin beach from Khao Takiab 1960 vs today