Chat Chai Market Lease Changes


Ms. Bussaba Choksuchart, Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin has met with Police Major General Anusorn Susiri, Chairman of the Hua Hin municipal development committee about issues with the Chat Chai Market. There are currently 120 stalls which are only able to sell fruit, vegetables and dry foodstuff, but some of them bring in items that are not allowed to be sold in this market, such as clothes, food or drinks. The stalls have previously been leased over a long term then sublet. The Municipality has been unable to get the cooperation from those who have sublet the stalls.

This year the lease will expire and it is intended that the current contract will not be renewed but will become only a monthly contract to end the problem of using the stalls incorrectly. It was also decided dismantle individual stalls and make more open spaces with booths to sell food such as roast pork with rice, chicken rice, porridge, etc. to those who come to Hua Hin in the morning. In front of the market there will be souvenirs and parking spaces will be provided for those who will be coming to have breakfast and then walk to buy items inside the market.