Chinatown facelift aims to improve street food credibility


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said on Wednesday, Chinatown will get a new look to enhance its reputation as a street food destination.

Deputy Bangkok governor Sakoltee Phattiyakul said the BMA has already met government agencies to address the facelift planned for Chinatown along Yaowarat Road, with the purpose of developing the area’s standing as the capital city’s street food hub.

It was agreed that a metal guardrail will be placed on a 400-metre stretch of pavement between the Chalerm Buri and Ratchawong intersections to help pedestrians.

Mr Sakoltee added the 1.8-km-long stretch of road from the July 22 roundabout to Ratchawong Road will have its paths reduced to three as the path will be widened to support street vendors and travellers.

The National Science and Technology Development will help by inventing environmentally-friendly food carts for Yaowarat vendors, which will have a grease trap to treat wastewater before it is discharged into the sewers.

Source: Bangkok Post