Chiva-Som offers collection of ‘Two Night Wellness Getaway Retreats’


A pioneer in global wellness, Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, has launched its collection of all-inclusive ‘Two Night Wellness Getaway Retreats’ catering exclusively to Thai residents and expats living in the country. 

Valid from now at rates starting from THB 19,500 per person per night, these mini wellness retreats will give guests the opportunity to benefit from Chiva-Som’s unparalleled holistic wellness approach, fine-tuned and perfected over the resort’s experienced Health and Wellness professionals who have been trained at some of the most prestigious institutes around the world. 

At a time when stress levels are at an all-time high, a soothing wellness stay has the advantage of bringing substantial health benefits – giving local Thai and expat guests the exclusive opportunity to rejuvenate and relax, closer to home, in a world-renowned destination that is highly sought after by wellness enthusiasts from around the world.

Chiva-Som has always embodied this belief through its rich 25-year wellness history, providing guests with a truly personalised and holistic wellness experience.  These all-inclusive retreats will reach out to guests interested in holistic wellness, and include exercise, weight management, stress relief, immune boosters, healthy food, spas and fitness in a safe and tranquil environment. 

All two-day wellness retreats will include accommodation, pesonalised treatment aligned with individual’s goal, Wellness Cuisine meals during the stay, daily afternoon tea, a personal Health and Wellness consultation on arrival, daily exercise classes and recreation, physical analysis and a butler service. Professional wellness experts will also provide valuable knowledge to help guests maintain positive results through empowering, achievable, and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

The retreats designed on offer include –


As the pandemic has led to major disruptions in people’s lifestyle habits and daily routines, there has been a decline in fitness activities and dietary nutrition for many, resulting in significant weight issues. Chiva-Som’s Weight Management retreat takes a holistic approach to wellness habits focusing on nourishing Wellness Cuisine, detox massage, acupressure reflexology, personal training, physical analysis, fitness and leisure activities, and a comprehensive Health and Wellness consultation during the guest’s stay. 


Now more than ever, the importance of a healthy immune system has been in the limelight. The two-night Immune Resilience retreat provides ideal support to key lifestyle contributors that help to strengthen and sustain optimal immune health. From the immune-enhancing benefits of physical exercise to detoxification through our popular Chi Nei Tsang to yoga to abdominal massage to Pilates to a nourishing Wellness Cuisine, our wellness advisors will guide you to a more immune resilient lifestyle for years to come. 


Lives and routines have been disrupted throughout the world. A loss of motivation to exercise and eat healthy has resulted in an overall sluggish and lethargic feeling. Chiva-Som will help guests get their fitness goals back on track through this Restart Fitness retreat, where it will offer its patented therapy Neurac method that helps to safely restore mobility, along with personal training, a personalised regimen, deep tissue massage, physical analysis and Wellness Cuisine. 


Stress is a normal part of everyday life, especially now with disruptions seen throughout the world. Uncertainty about the future, beleaguered economies and health worries are enough to cause overwhelming levels of stress. This Stress Relief retreat has been uniquely crafted to help guests’ effectively combat stress at home, while giving them a much-needed break at the resort. Combining tranquil surroundings with a nourishing Wellness cuisine, a yoga strap, five elements massage, super stretch, Shirobyanga massage and more, this retreat has been designed to create a sense of calm by promoting balance and harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.


Today’s world is filled with stressors that can trigger a negative impact on health and Wellbeing. This Indulgent Spa retreat over two nights is crafted to nurture and immerse the body, mind and spirit into relaxation through world-renowned spa therapies, including Chiva-Som’s Signature Spa Haven Facial and Body Cocoon, coupled with other signature massage services, a facial, nourishing wellness cuisine, and full access to the resort’s pristine and newly-renovated spa facilities. 

Offering 54 spacious ocean view and garden view guest rooms, Chiva-Som evokes a sense of incomparable privacy and exclusivity to help guests achieve their Health and Wellness goals.  

For more information or reservation please contact us on or phone 032 536 536 or via Facebook and Instagram @chivasomhuahin or visit our website