Cosmetic clinic charged for liposuction death

Hua Mak police station (Photo from the police station's Facebook page)

Six clinic staff including a doctor will be questioned by the police after a woman allegedly died during a liposuction surgery at a clinic in Bangkok on Saturday.

Hua Mak police have summoned a doctor, assistant doctor and four other staff which performed the cosmetic surgery in Ramkhamhaeng, Bang Kapi district.

Saranpat Kanchanasuwan, 54 died at the clinic after she undergone liposuction surgery, according to her 30-year-old daughter Aiyamin Itthiranant.

Aiyamin said that around 1:00pm, the clinic contacted her brother to inform there has been a complication during the surgery. Her brother begged the clinic to rush his mother to the nearest hospital.

However, it was reported the clinic staff refused to do so, fearing they might be incriminated.

Ms Aiyamin said by the time she arrived at the clinic, it was too late as her mother’s body was already cold and stiff.

She insisted the clinic might have saved her mother if they had rushed her to the hospital sooner. There are at least two large hospitals nearby the clinic.

Ms Aiyamin suspected her mother might have died due to an overdose on anesthesia.

Meanwhile, the clinic remains open although it’s facing a charge of operating outside of its permitted hours, according to the Department of Health Service Support (DHSS).

DHSS Director-gen Dr Thares Krussanairawiwong inspected the clinic on Monday and said it had a license to open from 5:00pm – 8:00pm but had allegedly performed the operation on the victim before its opening hours.

Pol Col Wichai Narong, superintendent of Hua Mak police, said Saranpat’s family members will be called later to provide detailed statements.

Source: Bangkok Post