Cosmetic surgeon sentenced to jail for patient’s death

Photo: Thairath

A cosmetic surgeon is sentenced to 5 years in prison for the death of a woman who had a severe allergic reaction to the anesthetic.

The Thai Criminal Court sentenced the 51-year-old Thanapol Thongprasert who ran a clinic in Bangkok to jail. For recklessness causing the death of Nattamol Prachaseri establishing a medical institution without permission.

During the facelift surgery back in 2018, the doctor injected the patient with 12cc of anesthetic without asking the patient if she was allergic to the medicine.

Natthamol had a critical allergic reaction. Her fingers turned a greenish color. Her lips swelled and her breathing stopped.

To treat the reaction the doctor pumped the patient’s chest with medicine. This was understood to cause a ruptured liver, broken ribs, and internal bleeding causing the patient’s death.

The doctor originally had a longer sentence, but the court shortened the sentence after the doctor’s confession.

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