Health officials outline plan for vaccine rollout in Prachuap Khiri Khan


Health officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan have outlined plans for the rollout of the vaccine to residents across the province.

A large batch of vaccines is due to be delivered to the province June, in order to begin vaccinating the general public, Dr. Suriya Kuharat, Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Health Doctor, confirmed on Friday (April 30).

The goal is to vaccinate more than 330,000 people, Dr. Suriya said.

Some 13 vaccination service points will be set up in each district which aims to vaccinate approximately 3,600 people per day per point or a total of 46,800 people per day.

Vaccination service points will be set up at every district office, the Thanarat Camp Infantry Center in Pranburi, Prachuap Wittayalai School Auditorium and the Provincial Stadium’s gymnasium.

In addition, the management of Hua Hin Market Village Shopping Center, Bluport Hua Hin Shopping Center and Centara Grand Hua Hin Hotel have also given their consent for those venues to be used as vaccination service points.

People who wish to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine can register at any public hospital.

However, there is still no information on when expats in Prachuap Khiri Khan will be able to receive the vaccine. Full details are expected to be released at an as of yet unspecified later date.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Governor Phallop Singhasenee

Meanwhile, Prachuap Khiri Khan Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Governor Phallop Singhasenee said that cases in the province have peaked, with the number of new cases likely to decline, which is a good sign, he said.

This is due to the fact the relevant agencies have continued to integrate intensive collaboration in disease control investigations but he urged residents in the province not to drop their guard and still be vigilant for signs of infection, particularly among family members or people living in the same household.

If COVID-19 is detected, the district will immediately coordinate with the health authorities to conduct an investigation and control the disease in order to prevent further spread to people in villages and communities.

Mr Phallop also asked people to abstain from holding events or festivities, such as ordination ceremonies. This is because at least 15 cases have been linked to the holding of an ordination ceremony in Pranburi district.

Mr Phallop added that all government agencies in the province must adopt Work From Home policy for staff.

Finally, Hua Hin Municipality led the Hua Hin Municipality firefighters will use fire engines to spray disinfectant to clean the streets and footpaths in Hua Hin over the coming days.

Residents in Hua Hin are urged to continue to follow the D-H-M-T-T provincials outlined by the Thai government, an explain of which is below:

D – Distancing: Social distancing means what it says – keeping a safe space (2 metres or about 2 arms’ length) between yourself and other people who are not from your household.

M – Mask wearing: This approach is taken seriously in Thailand. Masks are mandatory in both indoor and outdoor spaces and should be worn at all times for both your personal safety and for those around you.

H – Handwashing: Yes this is a repetitive message, but it can’t be said often enough. Clean hands save lives, and regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove COVID-19, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of the virus to others.

T – Temperature check: This is ubiquitous in Thailand. Every convenience store or shop will have either auto temperature procedures or individuals at the entrance of every business to manually check your temperature. While asymptomatic individuals will not show a fever, it is still your first line of defence as a tell-tale sign of possible COVID-19 infection.

T – ‘Thai Chana’: This contact tracing application is essential to all when venturing into public areas. Again personal safety takes precedent over privacy here, as the Thai public as a whole has heartly embraced its use. ‘Thai Chana’, (Thailand Wins) is a smartphone application to facilitate contact tracing and safety for both customers and establishments during the COVID-19 period.