Thai people, not expats to be given priority for COVID-19 vaccines, says Ministry of Public Health

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Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has confirmed that Thai people will be given priority over expats when receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

While expats are eventually expected to be included in the Thai government’s vaccination program, foreigners in Thailand will not be given priority to receive the jab, regardless of their age or health condition.

Because of limited vaccine stock, Thai people will receive the vaccine first and there are no plans for the government to give the vaccine to foreigners free of charge.

“The vaccines right now are only reserved for Thai people who are now at a high-risk level or living in the severe outbreak areas,” said spokesman Rungrueng Kitphati told the Bangkok Post.

“They [expats] should wait for a clear policy from the government.

“In the future, the country will provide more alternatives for vaccines so they could have a chance of getting it. Please don’t worry.

”There will soon be a surplus of vaccines so it will not be difficult to get them.”

The news comes as some foreigners over the weekend reported successfully using the government’s registration platform to book an appointment to receive the vaccine.

However, the Thai government now says it has no plans to give foreigners age over 60 with underlying health conditions free vaccines in June or July.