Doctors issue warning after Prachuap man nearly blinded while cutting grass


*Warning: graphic images below*

A man in Prachuap Khiri Khan was almost blinded after a grass cutter spat out debris which became embedded in his eye.

The man, who doctors say is aged in his fifties, had been cutting grass outside his home without wearing any eye protection.

He told doctors at Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital that while he was cutting the grass he began to feel an irritation as if something was stuck in his eye.

The man initially said it wasn’t that painful but he failed to seek medical attention for another four days, by which time, he was in an increasing amount of pain and had lost part of his vision.

After being examined by an ophthalmologist it was discovered that a small stone measuring 2.5 millimeters had become embedded in the man’s eye socket, which caused a 3 millimeter long tear in his cornea.

The man then underwent an emergency procedure to successfully remove the stone from his eye. He was hospitalized for several days and given anti-fungal drugs to reduce the chances of infections, which could potentially lead to blindness.

The ophthalmologist, however, said they were confident there would be no lasting damage to the man’s eye.

News of the man’s injury received a lot of interest online after doctors posted about it on social media as a warning to others.

They said that this type of injury is quite common and urged people to make sure they wear adequate eye protection and use other safety equipment when using a grass cutter or taking part in similar tasks.