Dolphin found slaughtered on Phuket beach

Nai Yang Beach in Phuket / Stock photo via Wikimedia Commons

National park officers in Phuket have begun an investigation after a spotted dolphin was found slashed open on the rocks on the shore of Sirinat National Park’s Ao Sai Khu bay.

Its body had a deep gash across its head and another from its head to its tail.

The spotted dolphins are classified as protected animals under Thailand’s Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act.

A local resident says he saw people in this area who looked suspicious.

One was carrying a knife with bloodstains.

“I saw 4 Myanmar people, 2 men and 2 women. One of them was carrying a knife with bloodstains, so I asked if they had made the wound. They quickly denied it, I told them I will call the police, then they ran away.”

Lifeguard at Nai Yang Beach says they saw a young spotted dolphin swimming close to shore on Tuesday and some were concerned the dolphin was separated from its pod.

Concerned that the dolphin could venture too close to shore and become beached, lifeguards tried to get the dolphins to swim into deeper waters.

It’s unclear if the dolphin seen by lifeguards on Tuesday is the same dolphin that was found slashed open on the rocks.

Source: The Thaiger