Don’t miss the Monsoon Valley Harvest Festival and charity dinner this February


A wonderful time of year to visit any vineyard is harvest time.

It is when the grapes are being picked and processed, offering a unique opportunity to witness the wine-making process and to see the vineyard at its most active.

In February, the Monsoon Valley Harvest Festival 2024 is happening Hua Hin’s Monsoon Valley Vineyard.

This year’s festival, happening from February 17th to 25th promises an immersive and fun experience into the world of winemaking, set against the vineyard’s stunning landscape.

The Monsoon Valley Harvest Festival 2024 is not just an event for wine enthusiasts but a family-friendly occasion offering a blend of entertainment, education, and culinary delights.

The festival marks the culmination of the vineyard’s harvest season, showcasing the journey from grape to glass.

It’s great fun for kids, families and wine lovers alike.

Visitors to the festival can partake in a variety of activities. For an entrance fee of 490 Baht, guests can enjoy a vineyard tour, witnessing the skillful harvesting of grapes, followed by grape stomping and wine blending sessions. These experiences offer a hands-on approach to understanding the winemaking process.

In addition to wine-focused activities, the festival caters to families and non-drinkers as well. An art and souvenir workshop is available, providing a creative outlet for children and those preferring not to indulge in wine tasting.

Harvest Activity (490 Baht) :

  • Vineyard tour
  • Watch skillful workers picking grapes before turning to delicious wine.
  • Grape stomping
  • Wine Blending

Harvest Festival Dinner (February 24th, 2024)

In association with Jungle Aid

A highlight of the festival is the exclusive Harvest Festival Dinner on February 24th, in collaboration with local charity Jungle Aid.

This special event features a lavish buffet dinner, accompanied by two hours of free-flow Monsoon Valley Wines.

Priced at 2,750 Baht per adult, the dinner also includes pre-dinner activities such as vineyard tours, grape stomping, and fun games.

Musical entertainment from the brilliant Thai Future Band and a charity-supporting raffle add to the evening’s allure.

The Harvest Festival Dinner caters to a wide range of attendees, with pricing set at 2,750 Baht for adults, 1,750 Baht for non-alcohol participants, and 1,000 Baht for kids aged 6 to 20 years (free for children below 6).

The dinner event has a capacity of 150 to 200 people, ensuring an intimate and engaging experience for all guests. Shuttle service from the Wine Bar in town is available at 250 Baht per person for a round trip.

Buy dinner tickets: call 089 4625766


🍇 Adults (with alcohol): 2,750 Baht net per person with two hours free flow
🍇 Adults (non-alcohol option): 1,750 Baht net per person.
🍇 Kids aged 6 to 20 years: 1,000 Baht per person.
🍇 Children below 6 years: Free.

Shuttle Service:

🚍 From Monsoon Valley Wine Bar in town to the vineyard and back: 250 Baht per person.

📝 Itinerary:

3.00 pm Shuttles leave from Monsoon Valley Wine bar
3.45 pm Registration
4.00 pm Harvest Festival Activity
6.30 pm Dinner start
7.00 pm Buffet Open & the band 1st round 40mins
7.40 pm First Raffle session
7.55 pm the band 2nd round 40mins
8.35 pm second Raffle session
9.00 pm the band 3rd round 40mins
9.40 Final Raffle sessions
10.00pm Carriages