Dozens of illegal migrants arrested along Thai – Myanmar border

Authorities in Kanchanaburi province have arrested 35 illegal migrants from Myanmar. (Photo: Piyarach Chongcharoen)

Border police and soldiers have arrested 35 illegal Myanmar migrants and 2 truck drivers in Sai Yok district, western Kanchanaburi early yesterday morning.

Both pickup trucks were traveling along the road in Tambon Sri Mongkhol when they were stopped at a checkpoint around 03:40 hours.

15 Burmese migrants were found in the first vehicle and 20 others in the second. The drivers were also from Myanmar.

They were taken to Sai Yok police station for legal action. The drivers were charged with illicit transporting of migrants whilst the migrants with illegal entry.

The migrants, who were all from Dawei town in Myanmar tried to cross into the country through the Puchanee border in Sai Yok district. They told the police they were seeking for job in Thailand.

The drivers also told the police they were paid 2,000 baht each per trip to transport the migrants from a border in Tambon Sri Mongkhol to Kaeng Sian village in Muang district of Kanchanaburi.

Sources: The Thaiger | Bangkok Post
Photo: Piyarach Chongcharoen