Dugong ‘Mariam’ died early morning today

8-month-old dugong 'Mariam' died early Saturday morning

The 8-month-old dugong, Mariam, died early Saturday at 12:09 a.m., just three days after she was transferred to a wildlife nursery tank. The veterinarians were trying to save her life but the attempt was discouragingly unsuccessful.

Report said that she died of shock and other complications. Several pieces of plastic were also found in her intestine.

Mariam was transferred to a wildlife nursery tank on Wednesday due torrential rain and rough seas predicted for the Andaman Sea.

The baby dugong fell ill last week after stumble upon a male dugong while being monitored by vets in the Andaman Sea.

Mariam has been under the care of veterinarians in Koh Libong (Trang province) since being found off the beach in Krabi last April.