Durian Pala-U to attain gap standard


Mr Wanchai Nilwong Kaset, revealed to reporters the the Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Agriculture Office and Hua Hin District Agricultural Office have supported in many ways the agricultural community enterprise to grow durian in Pala-u, Huai Sua Yai Sub-district of Hua Hin, including group management, processing, reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving product quality. The primary aim is to encourage all farmers to get the GAP agricultural safety standard certification, and to extend the plots where durian of Pala-u is grown in order to increase quality consistency and build confidence for consumers, both domestic and international.

Two years ago 50 large plot farmers with a combined area of 500 rai formed a group with a view to reducing production costs by mixing their own fertilisers combining organic and chemical elements, and producing biopharmaceuticals to control pest damage. They also formed a committee to exchange knowledge, plan production schedules and create online marketing, all this has enabled them to produce consistently high quality fruit for which demand is growing quickly, GAP certification is the next step in their process.

The physical characteristics of durians of Pala-u are that they are oval-shaped, have a sharp prickle, the skin is green and brown, the groove is clear, the stalk is quite large and brown, and when the fruit is mature it tastes sweet with a full-flavour, it generally has a small seed, and a weight of between 1.5-5kg. Durian Pala-u is one of the most famous products of Prachuap Khiri Khan province and thousands of people travel long-distances to sample them.

They have been able to create their own brand that is GI registered by the Department of Intellectual Property, No. 54100075. Durian Pala-u, which is widely regarded as among the finest in the World, is a Monthong Durian with a unique identity and taste and a relatively mild odour, if you’ve tasted durian before and didn’t like it, maybe you should give Durian Pala-u a try? You might be pleasantly surprised.