Emergency Decree could be extended for another month


The current emergency decree which is set to end on June 30 could be extended until July 31.

The National Security Council (NSC) said yesterday that they are recommending the extension of the decree for another month in order to curb the Covid-19 situation and the large number of Thai repatriates showing symptoms of the infection during their 14-day state quarantine.

Schools nationwide will reopen on July 1 as well as entertainment venues such as bars, pubs and nightclubs under new restriction measures prior to CCSA’s approval in their meeting on Monday, June 29th.

Opposition leaders and critics have pushed for the government to end the decree as it gives authorities the power to prohibit gatherings and limit their freedom.

The secretary-general says the state of emergency has nothing to do with politics and it “has had no impact on people’s daily lives.”

“Without it, it will be hard for authorities to implement the disease control measures in case of a surge in new infections.”

The NSC says the government has not used the decree against those involved in political gatherings in the past 3 months. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha says people should know and respect the law.

“If they violate the law, whether it’s the Emergency Decree or other laws, they will face legal action.”

However, a security source said that the prohibition of public gatherings will be lifted when the new extension presumably starts on July 1.

Sources: Bangkok Post | Bloomberg | The Thaiger