Expired driver’s license valid until end of March


Transport Minister Sak Siam Chidchob had recently ordered the Department of Land Transport (DLT) to resume services in all transportation offices nationwide starting February 1 with limited number of visitors using the service at a given period.

Nevertheless, safety health measures in each province will be followed according to the Covid situation of each area, DLT Director-general Jirut Wisanchit added.

Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Police force has waived the regulations on expired driver’s license and will be considered as valid until 31 March.

Renewal or applying for driver’s license can be acquired at the local transportation office. Examinations and driving tests will also be conducted at the local office.


  1. Those who have reserved their queues in January has to rebook for a new appointment between 1 Feb until – 15 March from 9:00am via the DLT Smart Queue app or login to DLT website: https://gecc.dlt.go.th
  2. Advanced queues made from 1 February onward can proceed according to the specified day and time as normal.
  3. Those who never made any queue reservations can start booking from 16 March at 9:00am via the DLT Smart Queue app or login to DLT website: https://gecc.dlt.go.th

As for the supporting documents for the application or renewal of the driver’s license such as medical certificate, certification from driving test and e-Learning examinations that have been submitted previously, they will be considered as valid until 31 March, 2021.

In addition, starting 19 February, a medical certificate is strongly required when applying or renewing a driver’s license. The medical certificate must be in accordance with the standards of the Medical Council, issued by a licensed doctor certifying that an individual is fit for driving and does not have any sickness that could affect the ability in driving.