Explosion caused by pigeons engulfs Hua Hin hotel, resulting in fire and 500,000 THB worth of damage


Pigeons were said to have caused a sudden explosion that led to a fire engulfing a hotel room in Hua Hin, resulting in damages amounting to half a million baht.

On Thursday afternoon Lieutenant Colonel Pichcha Rangleuan, Deputy Superintendent of Hua Hin Police Station received a report regarding a fire incident at room number 164/5-6 of Sunny House, which is located adjacent to the railway, just off Soi 70.

The three and half storey building consists of a ground floor office and more than 20 guest bedrooms.

On arrival at the scene, first responders found the building engulfed in flames.

Upon entering the building, officials were greeted by thick smoke that filled the office.

In a bid to contain the situation, authorities swiftly closed the surrounding road, disconnected the power supply, and commenced urgent efforts to extinguish the fire with water.

Amidst the chaos, neighboring residents, occupants of adjacent rooms, and hotel guests scrambled to evacuate, prioritizing their safety above all else. After approximately one hour of relentless efforts, the officials successfully gained control over the fire, thankfully without any reported injuries.

Following the subsiding of the fire, an inspection of the area revealed extensive damage. The air conditioners, televisions, furniture, and office appliances within the room had been completely consumed by the flames, leaving behind only debris.

However, in a surprising turn of events, a portrait of a revered monk’s and a Buddha statue present in the room remained miraculously untouched by the inferno.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the total damage caused amounts to approximately 500,000 baht.

The investigation into this peculiar incident led authorities to a peculiar discovery – a pair of pigeons had unknowingly triggered the explosion.

The exact details of how this occurred are yet to be determined. Authorities are currently working to gather more information and piece together the sequence of events that led to the pigeon’s inadvertent role in this incident.

The hotel management, along with the local authorities, are now focusing on the recovery process, ensuring that the affected areas are restored promptly and efficiently. Additionally, efforts are being made to provide support and assistance to the individuals affected by the incident.

All images: Banmuang