Famous Hua Hin elephant recovering after being hit by a car


An elephant is said to be doing well after receiving treatment for injuries sustained after it was hit by a car in Hua Hin.

The elephant, named Plai Boon Chuay, was hit by a car last week on the Tao-Phusai-Trien Road in the Huai Sat Yai sub district of Hua Hin.

Video: Plai Boon Chuay seen after receiving treatment to a leg injury.

Mr. Mana Permpool, Director of Public Relations and Public Relations Department, Department of National Parks said that Plai Boon Chuay had received treatment for an injury to its left leg.

Mr. Mana said that while Plai Boon Chuay was not able to walk long distances, the elephant is close to being back to normal.

Last year, Plai Boon Chuay made headlines around the world after smashing a hole in the side of a house in Hua Hin in order to steal food.

The remarkable incident was videoed by one of the occupants of the house.

The video showed Plai Boon Chuay grabbing anything within reach.