Fearsome end of Ramadan as Muslims in the south fights rising number of Covid-19

Health officials fighting day and night against the rapid growth of the virus.

Health officials in Yala are working night and day in their battle against Covid-19 during Ramadan, in the hope Muslims will be free to celebrate at the end of their holy month of fasting.

For example, during daylight hours on Monday they were touring villages in Bannang Satar district, informing residents about testing scheduled for after sunset on Monday and Tuesday.

Yala is the hotbed of virus infection in the southern border provinces, with 126 confirmed cases. Its numbers are behind only Bangkok, Phuket and Nonthaburi.

The province is conducting comprehensive tests, what is termed active case finding, in all districts  – targeting risk groups such as those who have contact with people returning from neighbouring countries.

Ramadan, which started on April 24, has posed a challenge for the officials, who decided not to do swab tests during the day, when Muslims are fasting. They not supposed to eat until after sundown. Ramadan is due to end in the evening of Saturday, May 23.

Writer: Saritdet Marukatat | Bangkok Post
Photo: Yala Public Health Office