Filipino teacher surrenders to police, says he was only escorting the kid to the bathroom

Marvin surrendered to the Nonthaburi Immigration on Sept 28.

The Filipino teacher who was allegedly caught in the video pulling his student’s arm and pushing him out of the room has surrendered to the Nonthaburi Immigration on 28th Sept.

Marvin explained his version of what exactly happened in the video clip as he claimed he had no intention to hurt the kindergarten student. The kid happened to sneeze and soiled his face.

The video shows
the Filipino teacher pulling his student’s arm and pushing him out of the room.

He pointed his finger to the student and told him to go to the bathroom and clean himself up. The student did not listen so he pulled the student from his chair and ordered him to go to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, in another incident at the same school, Marvin was asked why he didn’t intervene when Teacher Joom abused a student in her classroom. Marvin replied that he already asked Joom not to hurt the kid, but was told that it is common in Thai schools to correct naughty students by being physical to them. He didn’t further get in the way since he’s just a new comer.

The Nonthaburi Immigration said Marvin voluntarily surrendered and admitted he was the one in the video clip. He admitted that he teaches English at the school without a work permit under a wrong type of visa.

There are 65 Filipino teachers employed by Sarasas Wited Ratchaphruek School including educators from Australia, Colombia, Egypt, Ireland, Korea, Pakistan, Russia and South Africa. All of whom has a work permit, except for Marvin.

According to Khaosod, Marvin arrived in Thailand on a tourist visa in January 2020. He was on visa amnesty when he was hired as an English teacher at Sarasas Wited Ratchaphruek School. He started working under probation since 26th of July.

Original writer: Marcus Felipe
Sources: Khaosod |