Foodpanda water delivery service

Photo: Pradit Saengdee via Facebook

A deliveryman became famous online when he proved that he would go above beyond to guarantee customers get their food.

After picking up the food and driving to the restaurant, the driver took a small motorboat out to a customer who was out fishing at Chachoengsao’s Bang Pakong River.

Still wearing his pink motorbike helmet, the driver boated across the river and then paddled to the customers’ location. One person posted on Facebook and it went viral on social media.

The driver didn’t know he’d have to boat across a river when he accepted the delivery. The location was pinned along the river.

When arriving at the pinned location the driver called the customer, who he ended up knowing personally. He then used a motorboat that was docked along the river to reach the customer.

Photo: Pradit Saengdee via Facebook

Source: The Thaiger