Fuel tanker explodes in Buriram

The fuel tanker and trailer truck engulfed in flames in Buriram last night. (Photo: Surachai Piragsa)

 A 40,000-litre fuel tanker exploded last night in Buriram after colliding with another trailer truck, setting huge flame to both trucks . About 10,000 litres of liquid fuel from the tanker spilled out 1 kilometre all over the road into nearby homes and drainage.

Approximately 20 cars and motorcycles parked nearby were destroyed by the fire. An unaccountable number of people were also injured.

The incident occurred on Highway 24 in Buriram province. Witnesses said that both truck drivers were able to escape the flame before the first explosion.  Nearby residents fled their homes following series of explosions from the tanker. Residents tried to put out the flame out with water while waiting for fire fighters but were desperate as the fire continued to spread.

50 fire trucks responded to the call and roads were closed for a 5-kilometre radius. Firefighters took almost 5 hours to put the fire under control. The oil company was also called to unload the remaining 30,000 litres of fuel from the tanker onto another truck.

Source: Bangkok Post | The Thaiger