Government sternly monitoring “Rao Chana” retail shops


The government has been keeping a close eye on low-priced Blue Flag stores and other retail outlets that joined the ‘Rao Chana’ (We Win) subsidy, warning that their right for the participation in the scheme could be revoked and will file legal action against those who will take advantage of the scheme by unjustifiably raising the prices of products.

Director Gen Wattanasak  Sur-iam of the Internal Trade Department under the Commerce Ministry, said the department has already assigned officials to speed up inspections of shops and merchants after several complaints from consumers of unreasonable price hikes by retail shops that participated in the scheme.

Mr Wattanasak also said the department has been monitoring the prices of consumer products in general and only found the price of cooking oil had increased sharply due to the higher cost of raw materials used in producing the palm oil.

Wattanasak also said all shops must clearly display price tags, adding the department is set to exercise Section 29 of the Prices of Goods and Services Act to file legal action against retailers if they are found selling the merchandise nore expensive than usual.

Original writer: Phusadee Arunmas
Source: Bangkok Post