GRAB driver beaten up by ‘win’ thugs in Bangkok


Artit Chitnok posted a 20 second video on his Facebook page a video that showed 3 ‘Win’ motorbike drivers (motorcycle taxi drivers) beating up a Grab Bike driver on the road. The incident took place on the night of October 26 under the Thonglor BTS Skytrain Station in Bangkok.

The video was taken from inside a car while in the traffic. The video shows 3 win motorbike drivers pushing and shoving the victim and trying to punch his face through his helmet. The video went viral.

‘Artit’ captioned the video “I saw this incident with my own eyes.”

Foreigners passing by yelled at the Win motorbike drivers “Let them stop, let them stop!” It was very shameful to other people, it seemed like we were living in the jungle”, according to ThaiResident’s report.

“There were 3 Win motorbike drivers while the victim was alone. I’m pretty sure he was a Grab Bike driver if it was an accident there wouldn’t have been 3 Win motorbike drivers at the scene all at the same time,” says Artit.

“If this is true, you’re the ones destroying your own career. Who wants to sit on your motorbike, if a customer makes you mad won’t you just beat them up too?”

Social media condemned the win bike drivers for the violent attack.

“It’s an act of violence that makes people dislike Win drivers even more. Their reputation is ruined because of their own actions over and over.”

Grab Bike, whilst already widely used, is not technically legal at this stage and awaiting the Transport Minister’s blessing to be a legal alternative to the Win drivers who have ruled intersections around Bangkok for decades.

To watch video, click:

Video by Artit Chitnok                                                                                                  By The Thaiger                                                                                                    Source:,