Greenfield Terrace Restaurant & Cafe – more than just a restaurant

Greenfield Terrace Restaurant & Cafe - more than just a restaurant
Greenfield Terrace Restaurant & Cafe - more than just a restaurant

The Greenfield Terrace Restaurant & Café is more than a restaurant at a fishing pond, because last month it was also used for Miranda and Michael Smith’s wedding, it was the location of their first meeting and the atmosphere was filled with the warmth of the newlyweds’ relatives and close friends amid beautiful nature beside the fishing ponds.

The event had more than 50 attendees, in fact the venue has the capacity to hold more than 100 people, but of course they both planned the event with rigorous respect to regulations and disease management in mind.

The ceremony was modest in line with Isaan custom, with both families tying a thread around the newlyweds’ wrists and giving the bride and groom money as gifts. Marisa and Mr. Park, the owners of Greenfield Terrace Restaurant & Café, are the bride’s relatives on her mother’s side.

The restaurant offers a shady environment with various types of trees, as well as food and beverages at fair prices with outstanding service, they have created an imitation waterfall that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of nature. This venue is not only appropriate for small wedding ceremonies but also for gatherings and birthday parties among close friends, the organisers can design and plan the entire day.

The adventure can begin with fishing in one of four ponds, the highlight of which is a lake with Arapaima, a fish native to the Amazon River, the real ‘Jewel in the crown’ fishing experience.

If you don’t want to drive after having a good day and eating and drinking too much, you may stay overnight as the venue has four lakeside villas with wonderful views of the lake and camping equipment. And you wake up in the morning to the sounds of nature and the scent of the mountains, along with a delectable meal.