Heading towards phase four


Alcoholic beverages are likely to be allowed to serve in restaurants and hotels in the fourth phase of easing of restrictions, a proposal to be considered by the CCSA this Friday (June 12).

The 4-hour nightly curfew could also be lifted for 15 days, only as a trial, but the emergency decree will still remain to ensure the control of the Covid-19 disease.

However, the relaxation measure would prohibit pubs, bars and karaoke venues from reopening as these places are still considered a risk for the Covid-19 transmission, CCSA spokesman Taweesilp Visanuyothin added.

Concerts, daycare centres, and saunas would also be allowed to reopen in the fourth phase.

The CCSA would consider the measures tomorrow and the relaxation is expected to take effect this Monday, he said.

Meanwhile, the secretary-general of the National Security Council and head of the committee Somsak Roongsita said that boxing stadiums might be allowed to reopen in the phase four of the relaxation of business and other activities.

Somsak also added that the ban on international flights will remain in effect until the end of June. The next procedure will then be based upon the results of the restriction measures in general.

Source: Bangkok Post