Here’s why you shouldn’t pay more than 30 baht to rent a chair on Hua Hin beach

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Vendors in Hua Hin have been reminded they should not be charging tourists more than 30 baht to rent a chair on Hua Hin beach.

Ms. Busaba Choksuchart, Hua Hin’s deputy mayor, recently held a meeting with 22 local vendors following complaints that some tourists had been overcharged after renting beach chairs.

Vendors were reminded of the rules in place regarding the maximum 30 baht rental fee for beach chairs.

Most of the vendors who attended the meeting admitted to charging tourists more than 30 baht but said this was necessary due to an increase in operating costs.

The vendors said they were paying more for food and equipment than they had done previously, while staff wages had also risen.

The vendors made a request to increase the price from 30 baht to 50 baht. However, the request was rejected.

Ms. Busaba said that in order for the price to be adjusted to 50 baht, beach traders must submit a written statement to the Hua Hin Beach Organizing Committee so that a new agreement can be drafted.

Ms. Busaba said that in the meantime, the vendors should try to find an alternative solution, such as thinking of ways to encourage tourists to order more food.

The vendors said they would submit a formal request to increase the rental price to 50 baht.