Hospital offers 5,000 baht to dead patient’s family


A northeastern Thai hospital is offering a slim 5,000 baht to a patient’s family after he died while waiting to be treated.

Charnchai Boonyusays the Bua Yai Hospital director says he feels ‘regret’ over the 46-year-old’s death after hospital staff neglected to treat him for hours.

Sompong Sammor was admitted to the hospital with a swollen and injured leg but was left unattended in a wheelchair for hours while waiting for medicine.

The hospital committee was assigned to give moral support to the family along with 5,000 baht in initial assistance.

The family was advised to submit a request for 400,000 baht in assistance.

A higher amount is available for patients to request when damages are incurred as a result of receiving, or in this came, not receiving, medical services.

Charnchai says the hospital has discussed assisting the patient’s son with his primary school fees after admitting the hospital messed up, saying it won’t happen again.

Source: The Thaiger