Hua Hin – a second home hub including for young wealthy Thais


The once quiet little sleepy fishing village favoured by the Thai Royal family over this last century is not so quiet and sleepy now. Over the years, many Thais have been buying property in Hua Hin, too, using it as a weekend getaway or placing it on the rental market.

Additionally, in the last 30 years or so, retirees looking for an easy-going and affordable lifestyle in a more authentic Thai setting started investing and making a home here, some just for the winter months, others for permanent retirement. This resulted in an increase in villas, housing developments and condos, as well as infrastructure and amenities to make living in Hua Hin more comfortable for Thais and foreigners.

The last couple of years have seen further change, primarily brought about by the pandemic and other environmental changes. The mix of buyers in the Hua Hin residential market, particularly condos, has changed significantly, with many buyers coming from Bangkok – including moneyed Thais and expats.

Hua Hin is becoming a hub for second home investment, with several factors triggering this change.

Travel Time Between Bangkok and Hua Hin

In 2.5 to 3 hours, people can drive to Hua Hin. With the completion of Rama 2 in the near future, this travel time will be reduced further.

Work continues on the new dual-track train line south from Bangkok to Hua Hin and beyond, which is expected to reduce train travel time further – from the current six hours to two to three hours. An exceptionally attractive prospect if you need to commute to Bangkok.

Hua Hin Airport’s runway is also being expanded, and the terminal upgraded. Although this may have a limited impact on Bangkok residents, it will undoubtedly be popular for people living in Hua Hin and make for easier access by international tourists. Perhaps adding value for real estate investors.

Air Quality & Other Environmental Factors

Being a densely populated city, Bangkok suffers from poor air quality at various times during the year. November to April see the most significant increase in pollution and send city dwellers scurrying for the air-conditioning. Seasonal monsoon flooding is also an environmental factor for Bangkokians, further enhanced by the impact of global warming. These are additional motivators for people to look for a better (and less frantic) quality of life. Hua Hin and other seaside locations are providing that option.

Services and Facilities

Hua Hin has quality medical care, including a Bangkok Hospital, dental and optical services, a couple of decent-sized shopping centres, a range of golf courses, sporting and recreational facilities, and long sandy beaches.

There is plenty of things to do in Hua Hin, plus excellent fresh markets, restaurants, bars and some relatively tame nightlife. Whilst Hua Hin doesn’t have the plethora of options Bangkok has, it is undoubtedly sufficient to live comfortably.

A Change in Thinking

During the pandemic, the ‘work from home’ has caused an enormous shift in thinking for employees and businesses. Some people now opt for a less action-packed and stressful way of living, and moving to Hua Hin provides a greater work-life balance.

In Summary

Hua Hin is a viable choice for a second home or weekend getaway. Lazudi has almost 1,000 condos listed for sale in Hua Hin, from studios to luxury four-bedroom apartments with sea views and fantastic onsite facilities. If you are considering retiring to Thailand, Hua Hin is a great choice. Many retirees are leaning towards houses and villas, and with more than 1,200 listed, we are sure to have a perfect match.

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