Hua Hin International School welcomes new headteacher


Hua Hin International School (HHIS) has appointed Ms. Beccy as its new headteacher, succeeding Julie Way who recently retired.

Ms. Beccy, who took the helm in August, brings with her a wealth of international experience in education.

“I worked for 10 years in a primary school in East London. My roots are in early years education,” Ms. Beccy said.

Her passion for international education was ignited when she took a position in the Seychelles. Her vibrant career then led her to positions in Malaysia’s Sabah and Bali’s Canggu Community School, where she was also the headteacher.

Ms. Beccy reflected on her experiences, highlighting challenging periods such as dealing with a volcanic eruption in Bali and political unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong. She noted how she learnt alot about crisis management, critical thinking and adaptability during those times.

“Life isn’t a straight line,” she remarked, drawing parallels between different crises she had navigated.

She is not entirely new to Hua Hin, having visited previously during her time in Bangkok.

Ms. Beccy said, “We came down and had a week at the Hilton. It was during COVID, so exploration was limited, but we did get a feel for the area.”

When asked about her decision to join HHIS, Ms Beccy emphasized the alignment of her educational philosophy with that of the school. “The focus on community, being more than just an exams factory, and the school’s inclusive nature attracted me,” she said..

Regarding her plans for HHIS, Ms. Beccy said she first wants to familiarize herself with the existing school programs.

“It’s about knowing what we already do here and not throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” she stated. An emphasis on further integrating international education into the curriculum, reflecting 21st-century requirements and cultivating global citizens, lies at the heart of her future plans.

As she assumes her role, Ms. Beccy is keen on strengthening the bond between the school and the local community. While she appreciates ongoing initiatives like beach cleanups and collaborations with NGOs, she hinted at integrating such activities more closely with classroom learning. “It’s about ensuring that these initiatives are not just standalone but integrated into the broader curriculum,” she noted.

Finally, addressing the HHIS community, Ms. Beccy expressed her gratitude. “I had been told what a welcoming community it was, and it truly is. Walking into the school and hearing everyone, from staff to students, greet me warmly is just lovely,” she shared.

Hua Hin International School has seen significant growth recently. Now boasting over 400 students, the institution welcomed 70 new learners this year alone.

Underscoring its commitment to providing cutting-edge facilities, HHIS unveiled a state-of-the-art secondary school building earlier this year.

This modern infrastructure not only meets the educational needs of the burgeoning student body but also stands as a testament to the school’s forward-looking vision and dedication to excellence.

Ms Beccy will be joined in Hua Hin by her husband Kalo and their son Charlie, who will become a student at HHIS.