Hua Hin listed among world’s 10 most affordable beach destinations to live

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Hua Hin has been recognized as one of the 10 most affordable beach destinations to live in worldwide, according to a recent list released by Travel & Leisure.

The ranking, based on input from International Living magazine and various cost of living reports, highlights destinations that offer budget-friendly living without compromising on quality of life.

Of Hua Hin, Travel & Leisure says: A former fishing village, Hua Hin is now the preferred seaside getaway for both locals and visitors, thanks to its picture-perfect beaches, golf courses, seafood restaurants, lively night market, and temples. And while the destination has many urban conveniences, if you miss the vibrancy of a big city, Bangkok is about a three-hour drive away and easy to visit for a weekend.

Travel & Leisure notes that couples can live comfortably in Hua Hin on a monthly budget of $2,000. This budget typically covers dining out a few times a week, groceries, entertainment, and renting a one- or two-bedroom apartment.

The recognition by Travel & Leisure places Hua Hin among other notable beach destinations such as George Town in Malaysia, Valencia in Spain, and Mazatlán in Mexico.

Topping the list is George Town, Malaysia. The capital of Penang, an island off Malaysia’s west coast, is renowned for its historic attractions and colonial architecture, which earned it a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation in 2008. Known for its street art, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culinary scene blending Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences, George Town offers a comfortable lifestyle for couples on a monthly budget of $1,760. For $2,500, one can secure a place in a luxury high-rise with ocean views and resort-like amenities.

Second on the list is Valencia, Spain. Famous as the birthplace of paella, Valencia boasts a rich food scene, striking architecture, and affordable living. The city features several golden-sand beaches and is a short flight from the Balearic Islands. According to International Living, a couple renting a two-bedroom apartment in downtown Valencia can live comfortably on a monthly budget of $2,635.

Mazatlán, Mexico, ranks third. This underrated beach destination is celebrated for its affordability, with GoBankingRates noting that a single person can live comfortably on less than $1,300 per month, including rent. The city offers a beautiful historic area, over 10 miles of beaches, and numerous music events throughout the year. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is about $620 per month.

The list underscores Hua Hin’s appeal as a cost-effective choice for those seeking a beachside lifestyle, offering a blend of local culture, recreational activities, and proximity to amenities.

For those considering a move, the publication advises checking visa requirements for the destination before making any plans.

1. George Town, Malaysia
2. Valencia, Spain
3. Mazatlán, Mexico
4. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
5. Hua Hin, Thailand
6. Varna, Bulgaria
7. Lagos, Portugal
8. Toulon, France
9. Azores, Portugal
10. Puerto Morelos, Mexico