Hua Hin Municipality announces plans to improve and expand busy Chomsin Road in bid to alleviate traffic congestion


In a bid to tackle traffic problems in downtown Hua Hin, the municipality has unveiled plans to expand and enhance Chomsin Road.

On Thursday (June 1), Mayor Nopporn Wutthikul, along with members of the Hua Hin Municipal Council, engineering staff from the Hua Hin Traffic Police Station, and representatives from the local community, gathered at the project site to discuss and explain the proposed road expansion to the residents and commercial property owners in the area.

The main objective of the road expansion project is to alleviate the daily congestion and accommodate the increased volume of traffic, particularly during peak hours and weekends when there is a surge of tourists visiting the area.

The project aims to widen the road surface area of Chomsin Road, spanning from the front of Sawang Hua Hin Thammasathan Foundation to the intersection.

Prior to the meeting, the Hua Hin Municipality had engaged in discussions with the Provincial Electricity Authority, the Hua Hin District Office, and various private telecommunications companies to explore options for relocating power poles that currently obstruct the traffic flow.

Additionally, plans were made to address roadside encroachments that impede the road space. The municipality is also devising traffic management strategies to minimize disruptions during the construction phase.

Mayor Napon Wuttikul expressed that the road expansion projects are being executed in alignment with the policies presented to the public before the election. Part of the work, which will see the road from the Chomsin Railway intersection expanded to six planes, is currently underway.

The work is being divided into two phases.

Phase 1 involves widening the road surface and improving the entire stretch from Sawang Hua Hin Thammasathan Foundation to Pramong Intersection. This will be achieved by adding a 0.05-meter thick asphaltic concrete layer to the road surface.

The improved road will have a width of no less than 10.50 meters, spanning a length of 102 meters or an equivalent area of asphaltic concrete surface covering at least 1,140 square meters. Furthermore, traffic lines and other necessary measures will be implemented.

Moving on to Phase 2, the project aims to expand the road surface area and enhance the stretch from Pramong Intersection to the intersection of Petchkasem Road. Similar to Phase 1, the road surface will be improved and an additional traffic lane will be added. To achieve this part of the pedestrian walkway will be reduced on the downhill section of the road.

Furthermore, the municipality is actively considering ways to minimize the impact on pedestrians residing in the Chomsin Road area during the construction phase.