Hua Hin Municipality set to improve access for wheelchair users, upgrade zebra crossings


Officials from Hua Hin Municipality have discussed plans to make its offices more accessible to wheelchair users and the disabled.

At a meeting held on Wednesday (Feb 2), Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee, Municipal Clerk of Hua Hin, met with relevant agencies to discuss how the municipal offices, as well as elsewhere in Hua Hin, can be made friendly for wheelchair users.

Officials have now been tasked with surveying the necessary access points to the municipal offices as part of the plans.

Officials also said they would continue with measures aimed at boosting road safety in the district.

The municipality will pay particular attention to the condition of pedestrian or zebra crossings in the district, which are set to be repainted and upgraded in order to boost the safety of pedestrians and limit road accidents.