Hua Hin Police Station Welcomes New Superintendent

Hua Hin Police Station Welcomes New Superintendent
Hua Hin Police Station Welcomes New Superintendent

On the 14th of December, Mr. Wasawat Charoonjitpairat, chairman of the board of the police investigation and monitoring committee, arranged a banquet to welcome Pol.Col. Hongphrom Wisitchaichana, the new superintendent of the Hua Hin Police Station. This was the first time there had been a gathering and conversations between the management and the operations department since the new superintendent took over.

In order to create an understanding of operations going in the same direction, the police investigation and monitoring committee has the policy of assisting Hua Hin Police Station. The board committee has asked the new superintendent to do his job to the best of his ability in order to protect Hua Hin residents, and the committee will take care of, support, and reward good police officers.

In Pol.Col. Hongphrom’s speech, he thanked the committee for their kindness and pledged to look after public order and to strictly enforce the law in order to keep the country and society at peace, especially in this period of re-opening the city. He also added that since taking over as Police Superintendent, he has observed that the vast majority of people and companies in Hua Hin have experienced difficulties and trauma as a result of the Covid pandemic. He noted that although the people rely on the police for safety, whether they are suffering or joyful, the police also rely on the people, the police’s performance must sometimes “close one eye,” to some minor violations of the law.

In the run up to the New Year’s Eve events, the new Police Superintendent has devised a strategy for the period from December 24th – January 1st, in order to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Because this is a festive time of year, the Hua Hin police want to ensure that the city of Hua Hin remains peaceful and safe for the residents and tourists that visit throughout the holiday season.