Hua Hin to improve quality of tap water


Hua Hin Municipality will introduce measures to improve the quality of the tap water in the city.

Mr. Atichart Chaisri, Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, met with employees from the municipality’s Waterworks Division to discuss ways in which the local water supply can be improved. 

The meeting was held after the municipality received complaints from the public about water quality. 

People were complaining the tap water was sometimes red or brown in colour and that it was not as clean as it should be.

They also said the water sometimes had a putrid odour.  

Mr. Apichart, who was recently appointed to the position of deputy mayor, was assigned to oversee and improve the Waterworks Division.

Mr. Apichart has put in measures that will see water processing machinery and equipment regularly cleaned and maintained to make sure it is in working order at all times. 

Every week, the water filtration plant will also be examined, and a monthly team meeting will be held to monitor and evaluate its performance.

Meanwhile, employees were warned that if they are found not to be working to the standards expected by the municipality they can expect to face disciplinary action.