Hua Hin to install smart lamp posts in new tech drive

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Hua Hin Municipality has revealed plans to install multifunctional smart lamp posts throughout the city.

The smart lamp posts, also known as ‘smart poles’, are part of a major technology drive in accordance with the municipality’s Smart City initiative.

The lamp posts are equipped with a variety of sensors and CCTV cameras and will be connected to data networks and 5G.

They can also be used to collect air quality, traffic flow and weather data.

According to the municipality, the lamp posts will be first used in strategic areas known as ‘Smart Blocks’. The areas include along Phetkasem Road, on Sois 76 and 88, as well as at other locations in Hua Hin district.

Screenshot from municipal presentation

The lamp posts include a smart LED lighting system that adjusts the brightness based on the environment. The brightness and the on/off time of each lamp post can also be controlled from a central command centre.

The lamp post can also be integrated into the city’s CCTV network and will include an alarm system that can alert the public in event of a major incident or emergency.

Each lamp post will also have EV charging capabilities which will not only offer huge convenience to drivers of electric vehicles but also save the municipality money eliminating the need to construct separate EV charging stations.

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Built in air sensors will measure the temperature, humidity, noise, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, and dust levels in the surrounding area.

The lamp posts will also include digital signage that can display data from the various sensors such as the weather and air quality, as well as public transportation information. The signage can also be used as a form of media advertising.

The lamp posts will also offer Wi-Fi connectivity and USB charging.

The lamp posts are part of plans to develop Hua Hin into a ‘smart city’ and will harness big data and artificial intelligence to improve the technical infrastructure across the city.

The initiative will also help to improve safety, quality of living, transportation and sustainability.

Screenshot from municipal presentation