Hua Hin Today’s Manager; She’s Ready To Meet & Greet

Hua Hin Today’s Manager; She’s Ready To Meet & Greet
Hua Hin Today’s Manager; She’s Ready To Meet & Greet

We don’t introduce our own staff very often but a new Manager who is destined to become the public face of Hua Hin Today deserves a special introduction. Her role, meeting and greeting all our partners, may take some time but will ensure you get the most from our publication.

Ornucha Pinvorasarn mentioned that an early childhood nickname was simply ‘Girl’; not a name she hears very often these days, so ‘Orn’, is a perhaps a more apt title. Being a Sagittarian is said to be typified by those who are curious and energetic, Sagittarians are one of the biggest travelers among all zodiac signs. A woman born under this zodiac sign is said to be an honest woman, who always speaks her mind and who values freedom and independence. Sagittarius favour a variety of different tasks and enjoy a dynamic atmosphere. Jobs such as a travel agent, photographer, researcher, artist, ambassador, importer and exporter demonstrate the wide skill set Orn possess and definitely suit this free-spirited person. Regardless of your beliefs about the signs of the zodiac, Ornucha’s birth date within this sign really rings true.

Ornucha has spent significant time either travelling or living away from her native Thailand; she has experience countries in Europe such as France, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, and Belgium. Her travels have also taken her to Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. She has visited Australia and even Morocco; really demonstrating her ‘traveler’ propensity. With travel comes the need to communicate in other languages, so it’s no surprise that she speaks French, Italian and Mandarin apart from having a good command of the English language; Being born in Bangkok, Thai is the mother tongue. Combine travel with a career history that that has involved hospitality, fashion and customer service, Ornucha’s adventurous and dynamic approach to life becomes apparent. Anyone that knows Ornucha will know that fitness and personal training are a real passion. A further ‘string to the bow’ is a tertiary education in Political Science.

Some Likes & Dislikes

Likes include Thai food with a particular favourite being Khai Phalo or braised pork soup with duck eggs. Japanese food is also high on the list. When cooking for guests, spaghetti carbonara is often on the menu, but don’t expect any food that could be described as ‘greasy’ or ‘on the nose’! Music includes artist’s such as Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Seal, or Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Fashion is likely to be of the elegant though sporty variety. The dislikes are harder to find, maybe that’s a sign of tolerance and flexibility. However try not to be unreliable or too self-centered. An open minded, though straight taking approach is more likely to be welcomed.

Please reach out to Ornucha

Ornucha has hit the ground running, already demonstrating the great value and strength she brings to our team. You will find Ornucha interesting, engaging and someone that will listen to your needs. We are confident that her appointment will only serve to strengthen your relationship with Hua Hin Today and ensure you get maximum benefit from our publication. So please reach out to her to organize an appointment.