Hua Hin Walks: New online resource maps walking routes and trails around Hua Hin


Don’t ever let it be said there is nothing to do in Hua Hin, especially if you like going for a walk!

Hua Hin is a great place to explore on foot – in fact that’s probably the best way to see it properly.

But where to begin? When it comes to going for a walk in Hua Hin, most people probably head to the beach.

Those wanting more of a challenge may hike to a viewpoint but there are so many more places to explore.

Thanks to a new Facebook group, it has never been easier to find walking routes around Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Walks pieces together various urban hikes, scenic jaunts and trails across local green spaces.

More than ten walking routes have been mapped out and featured in the Facebook group, with new routes being added regularly.

The walks vary in distance and terrain and wonderfully showcase the varying geography and landscape of Hua Hin and the surrounding area.

Hua Hin Walks was first thought up by expats Robin Lynch and Vivien Cullen-Duffield inbetween one of lockdown periods during the pandemic.

Robyn explained that one of the best things about setting up Hua Hin Walks has been being able to discover new places and routes in Hua Hin that she previously had no idea existed.

“For six years I have driven past Wat Khao Sanam Chai and I’d never been up there but now after exploring the area, it’s just absolutely stunning,” Robyn told Hua Hin Today.

“It’s like why have I not been up there before?”

“When I take people up there now, they are just gobsmacked at how beautiful it is”, Robyn said.

Located at the southern end of Hua Hin, Wat Khao Sanam Chai in Nong Khae offers spectacular views of the area and is included in one of the walks that is featured in the group.

Each walk posted in the group includes a map, the distance and photographs of sights to see along the way. Other useful information is also provided such as any potential hazards, as well as any opportunities to stop off for refreshments.

“As we have been getting out and exploring, we have discovered what we would class as the hidden gems that we have so much of here”, Robyn added.

Robyn and Vivien explained how they normally go out every Wednesday morning to explore new areas, before they then record the routes on Google Maps.

The walks give people the opportunity to explore different routes in and around Hua Hin including in places such as Pranburi Forest Park and the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park – both of which are among Robyn and Vivien’s favourite routes.

“The walk around Sirindhorn International Environmental Park is just beautiful,” Robyn said.

“Out there it is incredible, and no one is there, no one seems to know about it but it is just wonderful”.

“There is undercover parking and a flat shaded path that meanders around a creek towards a beach that gives great views of Cha Am.

“The beach is pristine, it really is stunning. And then as you double back you can walk through a mangrove trail, it’s a walk that has something for everyone”, Robyn added.

The hope now is that people join the Hua Hin Walks Facebook group and use the mapped routes to explore and see areas of Hua Hin they may not be familiar with.

In addition, Robyn and fa said they hope that people will share their walking routes with the other members of the group so that the number of mapped routes increases as the group grows.

Join the Hua Hin Walks Facebook group here.

Photos: Patrick Jacobs, Michael Cullen, and Adri Castelyn

Image: Patrick Jacobs, @Foto’s by Patrick Jacobs
Image: Patrick Jacobs, @Foto’s by Patrick Jacobs

Image: Patrick Jacobs, @Foto’s by Patrick Jacobs
Image: Patrick Jacobs, @Foto’s by Patrick Jacobs