Hua Hin Wang Klai Kangwon School confers scholarships

Hua Hin Wang Klai Kangwon School confers scholarships
Hua Hin Wang Klai Kangwon School confers scholarships

Hua Hin Wang Klai Kangwon School has conferred a scholarship to its student, Ms. Prapai Laoraksa, who has graduated from the school and managed to get into Mahidol International College. She is currently a 6th-year student in the faculty of dentistry, and this is her last term.

The Wang Klai Kangwon School Alumni Association along with the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the committee, awarded Ms Prapai the sum of THB 110,000 to cover her schooling expenses to date, and also to cover her living expenses whilst completing her dental studies at Mahidol.

The alumni association congratulated Ms Prapai and said that it always wished to reward excellent students for their dedicated work at the school. Their hard work reflects well on the reputation of Wang Klai Kangwon and deserves to be recognised in this way, although considered a ‘rustic school’ it has consistently produced excellent university graduates in many areas of study and many have gone on to be high performers in the police force, military, and politics.

Through effective teaching and dedicated learning students have established a reputation for the school, this is a model it is determined to continue and hopes to inspire future generations of students to pursue. Wang Klai Kangwon School belongs to King Rama IX and is fully open to the general public to send their children to study.

The scholarship given is for all groups of people for educational purposes and enables the recipient to develop the body of knowledge and bring that knowledge to the development of the organisation, community, and society.

Ms. Praphai gratefully thanked the faculty for awarding the scholarship, and promised that when she graduated and did her best in her career she will continue the school’s ‘Human Capital’ scholarship program at Wang Klai Hua Hin to provide opportunities for the next generation.