Hua Hin Welcomes New Tourist Police Inspector


Since Hua Hin is one of the fast growing and developed tourist attractions in Thailand where many Thai and foreign visitors frequently have vacation, the city has to be well prepared in terms of safety and tourist information. Hua Hin tourist police are a major factor working to take care of all tourists in the city and, at the same time, provide them with useful information when needed. Recently, the city has welcomed a new tourist police inspector to supervise the work of all tourist police here.

Pol. Lt. Col. Sathaporn Sa-nguansuk, the new Inspector of Tourist Police Office 7, Subdivision 2, Tourist Police Division, is responsible for taking care of areas covering 4 provinces: Samut Sakorn, Samut Songkhram, Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khirikhan. The headquarters for the 4 provinces is located in Hua Hin because the city is a major tourist attraction for the 4 areas. Moreover, the city has Klai Kangwon Royal Palce where His Majesty the King usually comes to stay. Therefore, besides taking care of all visitors, tourist police officers have to provide safety to Their Majesties, all royal family members, representatives and guests of Their Majesties. Under the Criminal Law of Thailand, those tourist police may sometimes have to deal with cases in which foreigners are either wrongdoers or people harmed by others. Most cases concern the effect to tourism industries in Hua Hin and the 4 areas mentioned above. Besides, the officers may have to work with or support other concerned agencies when assigned as well.

Pol. Lt. Col.  Sathaporn said that he was glad to work in Hua Hin because the city had many beautiful tourist attraction with interesting history. When asked about his vision of working as a police inspector, he answered that his vision was, “We serve, you’re safe.” This vision implies cooperation between public and private sectors as the pronoun, ‘we’, stands for tourist police, other police officers, public authorities, local people and those of private companies who work together to help tourists and give them safety so that the ‘you’ which undoubtedly means all tourists and visitors will enjoy safety that the ‘we’ provides and would like to come back and have vacation again.

Finally, the new police inspector gave words to all local people and tourists that he would do his best to make them happy and impressed for the sake of peaceful and safe living in the areas of his supervision.